Proven 9 Ways to Make Your Fussy Toddler Love Shoes
S Svetlana Gavrilina

Proven 9 Ways to Make Your Fussy Toddler Love Shoes

May 2, 2023

Getting toddlers to wear shoes can be a challenging task for many parents. They often resist putting them on or take them off as soon as they're on. However, finding the right pair of shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and fit well can make all the difference. In this article, we'll go over some tips and tricks to get your toddler to wear shoes and keep them on. Plus, we'll introduce you to a great solution that can make the process much easier: TinySockies non-slip baby shoes. 

  1. Let your child explore and play with the shoes, to make them familiar with them: Toddlers are curious by nature, so it's important to let them explore the shoes and get familiar with them. Encourage them to touch, feel, and even smell the shoes to help them become more comfortable with the idea of wearing them.

  2. Try on different types of shoes, such as slip-ons, lace-ups, and Velcro straps, to see what your child prefers: Some toddlers prefer slip-on shoes because they are easier to put on and take off, while others may like Velcro straps because they can adjust the fit themselves. By trying on different types of shoes, you can find what works best for your child.

  3. Involve your child in the shoe selection process, allowing them to choose from a few pre-approved options: Giving your child some control over the shoe selection process can make them more excited about wearing them. Offer a few pre-approved options that you would be happy with and let your child choose their favorite.

  4. Make sure the shoes fit properly and comfortably, without being too tight or too loose: Proper fit is essential for comfort and safety. Make sure the shoes aren't too tight or too loose and leave some room for growth. When buying shoes for toddlers, it's important to measure their feet regularly to ensure they have the right size.

  5. Consider the style and design of the shoes, opting for ones that your child likes and will want to wear: Toddlers love colorful and fun designs, so choosing shoes with their favorite characters or bright colors can make them more excited to wear them. If your child has a favorite color or animal, try to find shoes that incorporate those elements.

  6. Set a good example by wearing shoes yourself and making it a positive experience for your child: Toddlers learn by example, so it's important to set a good one. Wear shoes yourself and make it a positive experience by talking about how much you like your shoes and how they protect your feet.

  7. Offer incentives or rewards for wearing shoes, such as a small treat or extra playtime: Sometimes, a little motivation can go a long way. Offer small rewards or incentives for wearing shoes, such as a sticker or a small treat. This can make the process more enjoyable for your child.

  8. Be patient and persistent, gradually increasing the amount of time your child wears shoes each day: Getting your toddler to wear shoes can take time and patience. Start by having them wear shoes for short periods of time and gradually increase the amount of time as they get more comfortable.

  9. Consider non-slip baby shoes, like TinySockies, which provide comfort, protection, and grip, making it easier for toddlers to wear and walk in shoes: TinySockies are designed to provide maximum comfort and grip, allowing your child to move freely and safely. The non-slip sole provides extra protection against slips and falls, and the soft, breathable material ensures your child's feet stay cool and dry.

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